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Sound Artist – Music Producer – Performer

"A one-woman multimedia experience"

She's Excited! creates music influenced by David Bowie, Grace Jones and Laurie Anderson. Her genre-bending Indie Pop releases invite the listeners to explore dark corners and bright reflections of this multifaceted world we all live in.
With her interactive showcases she transforms the audience into performers and invites them to participate in sonic journeys through different elements and worlds.

Two home towns.

New York City and Munich.

How to talk about communication across the Atlantic Ocean through music?


In this audio-visual piece created for

XRE's showcase "Letters Without Borders"

I explore the Image2Wavetable software

in Ableton Live and talk about

my personal story as

musician and migrant.

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Letters Without Borders

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 8.45.10 PM.png

Inescapable Entanglement

Welcome to Planet B!

During the Ars Electronica Festival 2022, I created an interactive sound installation with the audience revolving around the themes climate change, solastalgia and a trip from Earth to Planet B. 

This showcase was a collaboration with XRE, Clara Francesca (performance) and MEDIACOELI (AR and visuals).

"Inescapable Entanglement" was realized in part by the

Federal Assistance Award that

I received from the US Embassy in Vienna.


Credit: Peter Schlossnikel

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 8.45.10 PM.png


"Round" was a collaboration with Asia Kepka (costumes, camera, editing), shot in Cambridge, MA.

From the album "Love Is Round"

"Are You Having Fun" was a collaboration with Oliver Guse (camera, edit, design), Ines Mühlmann (costume), Elvira Seitz (costume) and Carola Wagner (makeup), shot in Munich.

"Add Clarity" was created by Erin Wajufos in NYC.

From the EP "Shock Therapy"


Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 8.45.10 PM.png


She’s Excited! is the artist name of the award-winning Indie Pop producer, powerhouse performer and sound artist Anne Wichmann based in New York City and Munich. With an appetite for intelligent and genre-bending music of icons like David Bowie and Laurie Anderson as well as Indie artists like Water From Your Eyes, she listens to music defined by limitless imagination rather than genre. This bleeds into her versatile style of dark yet sparkling Electronic music productions that she often merges with empowering and uplifting words.
Anne also designs and produces interactive immersive showcases that break down the barrier between audience and artists. She is passionate about creating works that are easily accessible: for audiences that are not familiar with new technologies and/or people who cannot afford new electronic devices. Anne aims for her work to be socially relevant by bringing together different communities to reverse polarization and by addressing pressing topics like climate change and immigration.
She’s Excited! is a solo project, yet Anne collaborates with singers, musicians, producers and artists at home and all over the globe.


In 2020 Anne co-founded the artist and curatorial collective XRE (Extended Reality Ensemble).

In 2021 she co-founded ARora, a network of digital monuments for a more inclusive world.

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