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She's Excited! & Discoheads:

Tour Diary

VIENNA: Semi-Finals!

Peter and I drove from Munich to Vienna by car. Luxurious tour feeling! My luggage had finally arrived (phew!), and we were looking forward to gigging in Austria. 

On the day of the concert, we ended up in the Prater. I don’t even know how or why, haha, but it was a lot of fun. It always feels crazy to do touristy things in the city you live in, doesn’t it?

Copy of missed connections (1) copy.png

Then came the evening. And with it an odd situation: The soccer World Cup was going on. And we were in Europe: Europe = soccer land.

And our gig at AU was on the night of the semi-finals (Croatia vs. England).

And AU is a sweet club in Ottakring. And in Ottakring there had been a lot of rioting going on just after Croatia had played the quarter-finals a week ago.

Interesting scenario … Well, we decided to not drive in Peter’s car but to take a taxi to the venue, just in case, you know ;-) 

But all was good. Croatia won, everyone partied in a peaceful way and we played a great gig: with all our gear (yay!), with our neon ties, and with a wonderful audience. 



Then it was already time to say good bye. Oh noooooo! 

We had had so much fun and felt like playing many more shows! 


But back home we started to work on our new EP.

Which is of course also very cool and a lot of fun.

Now we are really excited to share our first single called “Nothing” with you!

Presave the song now.

Photos: Marcel, Bettina; Boomerangs: Peter, Anne; Artwork: Petriografie

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