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An Invitation To The Dark Side

The amazing producer Auralnauts and I teamed up for a collaborative EP: We reimagined some of John Williams' iconic Star Wars themes in a dark and gritty electronic way. Our "Star Wars: Dark Side EP" is out now, featuring Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Rey, Snoke, The Jedi Steps and The Power Of The Force.

Last June I bumped into Brian aka Craven Moorhaus by chance - after the first day of the New York Sync Summit. We talked about our music and figured that we might really like what the other one is doing. And so it was! Very quickly we had a couple of projects in mind that we wanted to pursue together. The first was a daring one: What about covering some Star Wars themes in our own style? Electronic, dark, edgy, different? Absolutely! And we got to work.

We had a lot of fun digging deeper and deeper into the scores, interweaving Williams' beautiful melodies with our own elements and harmonies. So this album is not only produced for Star Wars fans anticipating "The Rise Of Skywalker". It is for all electronic music lovers, who dig some genre bending EDM fused with soundtrack elements.

Auralnauts is a New Jersey-based comedy and music collaborative between Craven Moorhaus and Zak Koonce. They produce hilarious parodies and dope music videos. Their YouTube channel really rocks. So check it out!

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