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And The Winner Is … 

For our latest single "Nothing", Discoheads and me hosted a friendly remix challenge. We got amazing entries from different countries, and you totally need to check them out!

The dope producer lamsVania from the Bronx was the first one to send over his remix - a fine Trance version of our song, filled to the rim with club vibes including an enchanting bridge! Listen here:


The second entry was crafted by the versatile Rock Flexible, a producer from Germany: His genre-bending remix including Pop sounds, heavy electric guitars and amazing spheres has his fingerprints all over it! And he definitely is the winner of the audience awards, getting the most listens and the most likes. Congrats! Listen here:


The next entry was from the amazing UK producer Vaado - beautiful funky and jazzy House vibes that definitely will make you want to dance, not only on a sweet summer night! Listen here:


Entry number four by the apocalyptic producer meezerpocalypse from Phoenix will definitely take you on a psychedelic trip! Listen here:


Remix number five was created in Queens by the amazing producer and beat maker Cameron Gary, a part of The Beat Disciples. Get on the dance floor, and enjoy these dope Deep House vibes! Listen here:


And last but not least, the awesome EDM producer Alex Stroeer from Houston sent over his clubby Dance remix: hard, hitting, into your face. You will love this energy! Listen here:


Well … Now you know, why we really had a hard time to chose a winner. Every remix has its on charm, a different genre and is simply unique and wonderful.

But enough talking (or writing), the winner is ........................ CAMERON GARY!!! Woot!! Congrats, man! Your remix will be featured on the upcoming EP of She's Excited! & Discoheads - and we are very happy to have you! YEAH!

Since it was a tough call and we really loved all remixes so much, we thought about putting a remix album on my Bandcamp page. Producers, we will get in touch, and we hope to make it happen!

Thank you everybody for all your amazing work! We are humbled and happy, and love your creativity and fantasy! Greetings from Brooklyn and Vienna!

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