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She's Excited! in Tokyo - "Traveling Musician" Episode 1

The first episode of my new series "Traveling Musician" is live! Watch the full episode here. Or simply click on the photo below.

Come and walk through Tokyo with me while listening to the song I created as soundtrack using original modified sounds I recorded on the street.

Since I am traveling a lot and I make music all the time anyway, I had the following idea: Soak up the vibe of the place I am in right now. Infuse these vibes into a song that also includes original sounds I recorded at the place. Film what I see and experience and edit a video to the song so that you can be there with me. And include a little tutorial for beginners to show you how I work. Combining all that, I created the series "Traveling Musician".

The first episode is about Tokyo. I strongly felt a juxtaposition of formality in public life on the one side, and work and a wonderful and crazy nightlife with lots of laughter and openness on the other. I walked around during rush hour in Shinjuku, which felt crazy and it looked as if there is a strict dress code for people working in an office. On the other hand, also in Shinjuku, after work these people meet up in restaurants and bars and hang out, have food, laugh a lot and spend time together in a wonderful way. It was amazing to see that. Union of the opposites.

From the perspective of a European musician, I thought about David Bowie's albums in the late 70ies ("I'm under Japanese influence" - Blackout) a lot! Especially the "Heroes" album: the drum sounds, how they recorded and edited and worked the drums, how they "sampled" the drums. I love the fills and drum riffs on that album. They create an awesome vibe. I am aware that this has nothing to do with Japan. Still it was a part of me being here and creating music. When I played, programmed and mixed the drums, I really thought about that. So my drum sounds and especially the fills are my salute to David Bowie. A humble tribute.

Have fun diving into the experience with me!

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