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She's Excited! & Discoheads:

Tour Diary

MUNICH: Happy Birthday!

Tired but excited, I arrived in Munich the day before our gig … but my luggage did not. I have no idea where it was, perhaps in Chile or South Africa. It must have traveled far, because I only got it back after five (!!) days. Fortunately my Ableton Push was in my hand luggage. We could borrow cables and microphones from friends. So all I had to do was to buy underwear, T-Shirts and pants. I hate shopping BUT at least it was Munich. So the stores are equipped with stuff for tall (well, normal-sized in a German way) women, hooray!


We had organized a full-blown event that we decided to call “Party Meets Brain” – including Improv Theater, Live visual coding, the band Black Hole Jets and us. The venue (Import Export) was packed, and it was a really wonderful evening.

As very last encore we all got on stage and performed "Lust For Life" together – go, get your punk on!


AND at midnight we celebrated my birthday!

So for some of us this was when the party really started … 



Well, these are the nights when you find yourself at the Alpenimbiss at 5 am, eating delicious Turkish food and having great conversations with good friends …

And then it was already time to leave for Vienna. 

Copy of missed connections (1).png

Photos: Oliver, Heidi, Anne; Video: Gitta

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