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New Single "Nothing" Is Out Now!

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

What is the question, if “Nothing” is the answer? Listen here!

Electronica producers She’s Excited! & Discoheads defy all borders and team up again with the Atlantic Ocean in between them. Everything becomes easy if you decide that nothing can stop you now. Inspired by their mini world tour last summer, they started working on tons of new songs. “Nothing” is the first single of their upcoming EP, filled to the rim with dark yet sparkling Electronica.

Anne Wichmann (She’s Excited!) and Peter Schlossnikel (Discoheads) met a while ago in Munich – their hometown. Their motto is: “We’ve come a long way, baby!” Why? Because music is a journey and genres are simply constructs.

Anne and Peter started to play in the Stoner Rock band Raw Jaw (as singer and drummer), then went through a Pop Rock phase until they decided to work together as electronic music producers. But life happens and creates beautiful opportunities. So Peter moved to Vienna, Anne moved to the US. But music knows neither borders nor boundaries. And friendship does not, either. Both Ableton Live aficionados, they kept on exchanging projects and creating their very unique version of dreamy and dark yet uplifting and empowering Indie Electronic Pop.

Last summer they started performing live in the US and in Europe and had lots of fun on their “Sorge-Sorge-Fuck-It” World Tour 2018. What that means? Get on the tour bus to peek behind the scenes:

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